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Nov. 15th, 2015 07:36 pm

[ooc] sotp

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State of the Nikki: Outside of private stuff, I had to take a step back. When something that's meant to be fun starts to feel like anything but, it's necessary. I'm feeling better about things now, though. Test drive has helped a ton. Except maybe not in the sense that I DON'T NEED ANOTHER RANNELLS FACE. PLZ.

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Elder Kevin Price

I love this big goober so much. I'm pretty sure I'm set on giving him The Book of Arnold as his item and a canon update along with it. It's only, like, the last twenty or so minutes of the show, but it's an important twenty minutes for him. That won't be for a while yet, though. For the time being, he's settling in okay.

The thing that's strange about him is that I haven't had to deal with Kevin feeling homesick at all. He wouldn't BE home, anyway, even if he were back in canon and not Darrow. And the city isn't Africa, so he's perfectly happy where he is. Missionaries are encouraged to write letters home on their preparation day and in my head canon Kevin still does this, even if those letters aren't being sent anywhere. But even doing that, it's not out of any overwhelming homesickness. It's his version of keeping a diary, more or less. Once he gets his update he'll probably miss home, or possibly around the holidays. But for now? He's golden.

And he's still battling with his faith on pretty much a daily basis, which I love. He'll be less uptight after his update, which is the reason I'm holding off on it.

The Future

Hedwig's app has been sent. I cried while writing it, which can't be normal, but the feels I have for this character aren't normal. I love her. I need her.

Asher Talos was bumped back because of Hedwig, but his app is completely done and ready to go! So, soon.

After Asher, it's a toss up between Dexter Morgan from Dexter, and Peter Prentice from The Mindy Project. Peter's voice is super easy, and he'd be something light and fun after all the Hedwig feels and Asher being Asher. But Dexter... DEXTER. Ugh. I love him. We'll see. They're still a ways off.


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Elder Kevin Price

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